Our aim is to relieve your symptomatic pain and treat the core concern. Whether you are suffering from chronic migraines or have a acute injury we take a holistic approach and consider your individual situation.  Once we have assessed you and diagnosed the key issue, we treat you with your goals in mind. We will look at your day to day activities, work, ergonomics, posture. We consider which healthcare providers need to be consulted and look at how your work and family life may affect your recovery. Identifying these factors enable us to determine the best treatment to heal and manage your injury or ailment. Imagine feeling symptom free and in control?

Our treatments vary and may include a combination of manual therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial and trigger point release, specialised musculoskeletal techniques and complimentary exercises to reach the best possible outcome for each individual patient.

Your treatment plan may include
Manual therapy techniques
Massage / trigger point release / myofascial release
Mulligan technique
Dry Needling
Kinesio taping
Therapy props
Prescription of home based exercises
Fitness programmes

Reach your goals
In order to reach your goals we will not only help to relieve pain, but we will assist you to strengthen the area causing issues. Ultimately, we want you to feel supported and improve your work, daily and functional capacity. You'll stay active, feel in control and move more freely. We take care to always provide exercise sheets, advice and any other relevant information for you to feel back to normal again and managing your symptoms. For OHS treatments we will provide ergonomic advice and help coordinate your return to work at the level you need.

Woman at physiotherapist office exercising with band

Physiotherapist giving shoulder massage to man



Treatment Information

Manual therapy techniques which are evidence based are used to treat musculoskeletal pain, stiffness and discomfort. We use a combination of joint mobilisation / manipulation, massage / trigger point / myofascial massage and will prescribe an individualised exercise program with self management strategies as part of this treatment.  Your treatment will aim to eliminate and/or control pain and stiffness, increase a range of motion and improve flexibility. This will allow inflammation to settle, muscles to relax and an improve of general function so that you can enjoy an active life.

Headaches can be debilitating and come in many forms: tension, sinus, cluster and migraine. We have various treatments available to our clients and will assess, diagnose and treat your headaches accordingly. There is growing evidence that headaches and migraines share a common disorder of the brain stem considered to be due to an irritated disc between the 2nd and the 3rd cervical vertabrae and dysfunction of the top three vertibral spinal segments which sensitise the brain stem. If your  headache or migraine is caused from upper neck joint dysfunction we may be able to treat this over time with gentle mobilisation of the appropriate spinal segments in a smooth, sustained manner to correct vertabral and cervical dysfunction. This specific treatment plan includes education around self-management, exercises, self-mobilisation strategies, posture correction and ergonomic considerations. Teresa and Zaheera have had incredible success with assisting Migraine sufferers. If you would like to imagine your life free from headaches and migraines, be sure to book an appointment to discuss a personalised treatment plan.

The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. If and injured or damaged, this can lead to pain also referred to as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. You may experience jaw clicking (with sometimes no pain at all), pain in the region or headaches associated with jaw / temporomandibular dysfunction. We can help resolve your symptoms with careful mobilisation of the jaw, trigger point relief and specific exercise prescription and advice on jaw care.

Plantar Fasciitis - the inflammation of the heel region - is the most common foot ailment we see. Sometimes pain can be worse in the morning or after sitting for a prolonged period of time. We've had extremely successful outcomes using various treatments. Depending on your assessment, we will treat with a combination of trigger point massage, dry needling and stretching exercises to increase flexibility and movement for your feet, calf and leg muscles.

Mulligan concept is a form of manual therapy where joints are mobilised with movement in functional positions. This treatment can be used to help treat many injuries, complaints and pain inclduding neck, back and upper & lower extremity joint problems.  It is equally suitable to the elderly with Arthritis or Osterperosis and the sporting elite with injuries. Mulligan concept is a gentle, pain free technique with highly effective outcomes. As professional and qualified practitioners of this technique, Teresa and Zaheera can improve your range of motion with immediate and long lasting effect.

Physiotherapy can alleviate symptoms relating to many areas of women's health including pre and post pregnancy back pain, PMT aches and pains and menopausal concerns. Notably, we can safely and carefully work with manually therapy relieving pain for pregnant women and women experiencing increased inflammation during their PMT cycle. In terms of bladder control - a common ailment many women feel like they have to live with - we have proven methods of pelvic floor training that increases functionality and increases overall control. 

Dry Needling uses Acupuncture needles to stimulate myofascia tissue (the dense tissue covering and surrounding muscles and bones) to treat pain, reduce muscle tension and facilitate muscle rehabilitation. Our practitioners are experienced in this area and find it to be an effective treatment for many clients.

For specific injuries we offer the Kinesio taping technique. This is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion.

Your healing journey doesn't end when your appointment ends. We encourage our patients to complete at-home exercises and at times with the help of therapy aids such as resistance bands, rollers, and massage balls - all of which are available for purchase at reception. Where appropriate we will guide you on where to acquire any necessary equipment.